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"May Humanity arise in Consciousness!"

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Siddha Teachings are for all of humanity and are not bound by any caste, creed, or religion. Click here to experience the Siddha Wisdom. 

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Looking to connect deeper? Experience powerful guided Siddha Meditations/Practices from the comfort of your own home.

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Nandhiji frequently travels all over the world to perform various ceremonies/programs for the public. For booking inquires, click here.

About Nandhiji

Nandhiji is a mystic, yogi, visionary, humanitarian, artist, ecstatic chant musician, author, and teacher. 

Nandhiji represents the path of the Liberated. Nandhiji shares the rare wisdom and teachings of the seldom-revealed source of yogic wisdom of the Siddha Sages, the liberated mystics of South India. 

Who Are The Siddhas?

The Siddhas are enlightened Sages who journey beyond the realms of the limited mind state. They are in the state of higher consciousness that is beyond sleep, dream, and wake. Click Here to learn more.

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Siddha Wisdom As Practical Teachings

Mastery of Consciousness Book: Awaken the Inner Prophet

Representing the culmination of Nandhiji's heart's work, this book shares the rare wisdom and teachings of the seldom revealed source of yogic wisdom of the Siddha Sages, the liberated mystics of South India. MORE INFO

Mastery of Consciousness Book


Kalangi Kundalini Yoga DVD : Yoga for the Achiever- Level One Basics

Uses simple sun salutation sequences, Siddha breathing techniques, potent Siddha mantras and other yogic tools to awaken the mastery of consciousness. MORE INFO

Kalangi Kundalini Yoga DVD

SivaSivaa Siddha Chakra Guided Meditation with Nandhiji

The core teachings/daily discipline given by Nandhiji featuring mantra initiations, breathing, and meditation techniques! MORE INFO

SivaSivaa Siddha Chakra Meditation

Turiya Nada: Siddha Mantra Chant Music by Nandhiji

Siddha Mantra chants put to mystical beats. Awaken the dance within to the realms of the Siddhar Sages, turiya, the blessings of consciousness! MORE INFO

Siddha Music chants of Turiya Nada

Siddha Mandiram Chants

Mandiram series of Siddha mantra chants is ideal for deep relaxation, body work, create higher vibratory ambiance, driving, meditating and prayers.  

The Mandiram works to heal, nourish and cleanse the mind and body while erasing our negative karmic patterns. Each Mandiram is a gift of a higher layer of Consciousness. MORE INFO

Siddha Wisdom Talks

Experience deep Siddha Wisdom from Nandhiji in convenient, digital mp3 formats. MORE INFO

Latest Video Teachings

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